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Folks who have ordered with us:

Audra -  Wyoming
My boyfriend and I went on a backpacking trip in the winds (cirque of the towers and island lake area) and saw a flyer in Pinedale at the Wind River Brewing company and loved the story behind your company.   We have both always loved the mountains.   We do most of our exploring in the Bighorns.  We do a lot of backpacking and honestly never leave the whiskey or beer behind.  We are always looking for that next amazing backpacking adventure, the next ridge, the next mountain to climb and if course the next whiskey to try.  After we saw your flyer my nickname became WhiskeyGoat.  Our first trip ever together he brought Whiskey...unsure if I'd like it...we unfortunately drank half our supply the first night of a 9 day backpacking trip...Now he knows and now I bring my own flask.  He loves seeing over the next ridge and when I see a peak I feel this irresistible urge to climb it.  We both love whiskey.  We live in Wyoming and feel very lucky to have so much beauty to explore and it is important to us to support local businesses.  We absolutely love love love your idea and products.  Can't wait to see what else you guys come up with. 
Also I was curious about a multipack of stickers. I thought when we first looked at the site there was a package but I didn't find it this go around but I may have just saw the picture of multiple stickers and thought it was a set but maybe it was just illustrating all of the stickers.  Anyways was there/is there a package of stickers?  I ordered most of them but not every one.  We put stickers on everything!
Nathan - Illinois
I saw an ad for your company in the bathroom of the bar of the Fish Bowl in Green River, WY. I work as a traveling contractor and do a lot of hiking and outdoor photography wherever my job takes me. Your company seemed fun and I liked the styles. That and I am also a whiskey drinker, bourbon to be more exact, but it’s all the same in the end.
I appreciate it.
Melissa - Wyoming
I need another hoodie! My daughter stole mine about 2 weeks after I got and she won't give it back because it's her new favorite. She says it's the softest one she's ever had. 

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